Nate Christenson

Experimental Short Films

I Don't Think So
An egg's life gets turned upside down when he encounters a world of bouncing ping pong balls.

This short film is an exploration of alienation from society. On one level it connects to the experience of introverts surrounded by a society of extroverts. On an autobiographical level, it captures the culture shock of returning to America after growing up in China. By simplifying these experiences of alienation into a narrative told with inanimate objects, I hope to get at the true heart of the alienated experience. The viewer should be able to relate to the short film regardless of their specific situation.

Everything happens at its predetermined time. Everything is connected. But what happens when someone intervenes?

This short film is an exploration of predestination on a micro level. I’m interested in the small happenings in life that appear to have no significance or connection such as the falling of a leaf, the path of a rolling penny, the simmering of a kettle. Happenings that might go unnoticed were they not immortalized through film and dissected visually.

By bringing these mundane occurrences into the medium of video I am tethering them to a linear timeline. A timeline that creates associations and meaning out of a series of seemingly isolated instances. There is also the concept of pre and post knowledge that comes with the factor of time, which has been explored in this short film. Through the simple predictions of these micro happenings a greater cosmic order is implied and the intentionality of a greater presence is hinted at. Yet coexisting with the concept of predestination, almost paradoxically, is the idea of free will.