Nate Christenson


Nate Christenson is a visual artist whose work is primarily based in drawing, painting, or printmaking yet also expands to sculpture and film. He grew up in a Chinese city among a population of over 10 million humans, which gave him an anomalous and flourishing cultural upbringing and possibly lung cancer from all the pollution.

For someone who claims to like consistency and routine, he tends to completely change his surroundings quite a bit and has ended up studying art at Bethel University, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. Because, despite what he may think, he thrives on leaving places of comfort to experience new cultural mindsets and ways of thinking that may be different from his own.

He made his grand entrance into the professional art scene back in 2014 when he won a t-shirt design competition and discovered that people were willing to pay money for something he enjoyed and—honestly—would keep doing no matter what people decided to throw at him. He has since gone on to design logos, illustrate books, show work in juried exhibitions and film festivals, and continues to sell work to those who apparently find it interesting.

His current work explores the underlying ideological structures that shape cultures through the creation of artifacts from two fictional cultures. He wonders how a simple difference of environments and a fundamental emphasis on the vertical or horizontal could eventually create two distinct methods of interpreting reality. That, and creating new worlds happens to be a lot of fun.

Resume available here